The Caribbean

White sands, sea breezes, turquoise waters, coral reefs, reggae rhythms,—these are the siren call of the Caribbean, luring souls in search of relaxation. The Caribbean Like a Local captures the history, architecture, music and culinary traditions of the sunny islands in this southern sea. Peter Greenberg, America’s well-respected travel expert and Chief Contributing Editor of the series, shares insider insights and touring tips gleaned from his extensive experience in the travel industry, while Michelin star ratings point out compelling sights. Listings include atmospheric places to stay, dining spots with regional dishes, and nightspots that sizzle.


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With Michelin and Peter Greenberg’s “Like a Local” series, you’ll know where to go and what to do to ensure the best travel experience, exactly as if you were a local yourself.

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  • Q: What is the best way to tour Cartagena without having to take a tour bus?
  • A: Taking a tour of this beautiful, but extremely vivacious, city is a must during your stop in Cartagena, Colombia. Touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage lets you discover the city in a more private setting (just you, the driver and a horse). This city is a sight to behold. Think deep blue houses, hot pink buildings, and yellow churches. You’ll feel right in the middle of a fantasy land. Another way to explore Cartagena is a more local version of a group tour in a colorfully painted chiva, an open-sided old school bus. With music blasting and a tour guide pointing out some of the most interesting aspect of the town, a chiva tour is a party all on its own – never mind the party going on within the city limits. Warning: This area will be very busy on weekends as it the party destination for many locals trying to get out of the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

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