An Introduction to ... Like A Local

“In your hometown, we’re sure you have your favorite places to eat, drink, celebrate, or relax. You probably know the best place to shop, the most beautiful spot to watch the sunset, and the most intimate of cafes to enjoy coffee with a friend. Now, imagine you could learn this kind of information about the places you travel before you even get there. With Michelin and Peter Greenberg’s “Like a Local” series, you’ll know where to go and what to do to ensure the best travel experience, exactly as if you were a local yourself.”

Peter Greenberg

Peter Greenberg is the Travel Editor for CBS News, appearing on CBS This Morning, CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, CBS Sunday Morning, and other broadcast platforms. A multiple Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist and producer, Peter is also host of a nationally syndicated radio show, broadcast each week from a different remote location around the world.



More than a century ago, the founders of our company published the first Michelin Guide as a way to promote driving and give motorists practical information about where to service and repair their cars, find quality accommodations and a good meal. It was a way to get more people driving and help them feel more confident doing it. This part of the business has grown into an entire travel and lifestyle category that now includes travel guides, maps, and of course the MICHELIN hotel & restaurant Guide which has become the global benchmark in gourmet dining.



  • Miami & The Keys
  • Q: Are there any affordable Miami hotel options?
  • A: Few people think of staying in bed and breakfasts when headed to big cities like Miami. It’s time to think again. The Miami River Inn is located a short walk from downtown and has been renting out rooms since 1908, with rates starting as low as $99 per night. The B&B spirit is alive at the inn every afternoon when guests gather together in the backyard for a glass of wine. Turns out the property might ever look familiar, film crews tend to flock to the inn. Hundreds of Spanish soap operas and even the Hollywood blockbuster “Marley and Me” have filmed on the location.