New Orleans

Sitting on a bend of the Mississippi River, “Crescent City” is an intoxicating blend of people and cultures. The New Orleans Like a Local guide delves into the history, architecture, music and culinary traditions of this most seductive of cities. Peter Greenberg, America’s well-respected travel expert and Chief Contributing Editor of the series, shares insider insights and touring tips gleaned from his extensive experience in the travel industry, while Michelin’s star ratings recommend the most interesting sights for every neighborhood and excursion, atmospheric places to stay, incomparable local eateries and outstanding venues to kick back and listen to jazz, Cajun and blues.


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With Michelin and Peter Greenberg’s “Like a Local” series, you’ll know where to go and what to do to ensure the best travel experience, exactly as if you were a local yourself.

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  • Q: One of the most famous (and busiest) jazz places in New Orleans is the House of Blues, but where can I find a really authentic jazz venue?
  • A: Instead of going to the very popular House of Blues, try Preservation Hall. Located on St. Peter Street in the French Quarter, the location is famous for its authentic old-school syncopated jazz and is home to the renowned Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Musicians are the cream of the crop—veterans in their 80s mentor the younger musicians, and often the younger performers are the children of the older ones. Opened in 1961, the Hall was originally created to preserve the distinctive New Orleans jazz style that was losing popularity to rock and roll at the time. Shows start filling up at 8:00 every night and seating is limited. Once the rickety little chairs are gone, they’re gone, and you’ll be left standing squished in the back, on tip toes catching quick glimpses of the musicians. So, get there very early if you want a good spot.

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