Miami & The Keys

From the vibrant city of Miami, with its enticing tropical flair, to the laid-back Florida Keys, miles of white-sand beaches ring the Sunshine State all the way to the pristine swamps of the Everglades. Let Peter Greenberg, America’s well-respected travel expert and Chief Contributing Editor of the series, help you experience Miami and the Keys Like a Local, with insider insight and touring tips, gleaned from his extensive experience in the travel industry. Michelin’s star ratings recommend the most interesting sights in south Florida, while listings include atmospheric places to stay, elegant cafés and the best of the state’s natural wonders and cultural institutions.


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With Michelin and Peter Greenberg’s “Like a Local” series, you’ll know where to go and what to do to ensure the best travel experience, exactly as if you were a local yourself.

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  • Q: Are there any affordable Miami hotel options?
  • A: Few people think of staying in bed and breakfasts when headed to big cities like Miami. It’s time to think again. The Miami River Inn is located a short walk from downtown and has been renting out rooms since 1908, with rates starting as low as $99 per night. The B&B spirit is alive at the inn every afternoon when guests gather together in the backyard for a glass of wine. Turns out the property might ever look familiar, film crews tend to flock to the inn. Hundreds of Spanish soap operas and even the Hollywood blockbuster “Marley and Me” have filmed on the location.

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