Unvarnished and unspoiled, Cuba’s tropical landscape and sparkling shores contrast with its timeworn colonial cities. Cuba Like a Local makes an insightful guide to island salsa, Santería, cabaret shows and its aging but glorious architecture. Let Peter Greenberg, America’s well-respected travel expert and Chief Contributing Editor of the series, help you experience the area, with insider insight and touring tips, gleaned from his extensive experience in the travel industry. Michelin’s star ratings signal worthwhile sights in communities, cayos and countryside. Listings tell of comfortable casas and elegant villas for restful sleeping, local paladares for Creole cooking, and lively nightspots for devil-may-care dancing.


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With Michelin and Peter Greenberg’s “Like a Local” series, you’ll know where to go and what to do to ensure the best travel experience, exactly as if you were a local yourself.

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